The History of Quality Steel Buildings, Inc.

Quality Steel Buildings, Inc. is a privately owned, general contracting firm located at N. 7810 Market Street in Spokane, Washington. Don and Muriel Brown have operated this construction business since February 28, 1992. QSB is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company that has operated successfully in the Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana market area. As the commercial projects grew in complexity and number, we employed skilled personnel to proceed the level of technical service necessary to meet the demands of our expanding market. Quality Steel Buildings, Inc. is a success by any standard with a strong average yearly growth rate of over 50%.

Quality Steel Buildings, Inc. is the local authorized distributor of HCI Steel Buildings in the Spokane area. We have been the HCI builder in this market for the many years and have experience with Sun, CBC, and other major suppliers of pre-engineered steel structures. We have earned an excellent reputation, and are very proud of the fact, that we are known for our honesty, integrity, knowledge of, and dedication to quality work. That is why we choose to name our company "Quality Steel Buildings, Inc.". Our reputation is very important to us. We have made it a point in our business to not only pay our bills on time, but to pre-pay all invoices before they are due in order to take advantage of early-pay discounts. Our credit history is outstanding, our suppliers appreciate our business, and we are proud of it.

Although were a relatively young company, we are talented and experienced beyond our years. We take great pride in our capabilities, our ability to deliver on time, and in our management competencies as well. Our technical staff and veteran subcontractors have a combined experience pool in the construction industry as well in excess of one hundred years. Our salaried employee experience level alone can be summarized accordingly: architecture and design - 25 years, project management and supervision - 28 years, marketing and sales- 60 years, and business administration - 25 years. We have carefully screened and gathered a dedicated team of professional and expert individuals in order to accomplish major projects well into the future. Even though we specialize in pre-engineered and pole frame structures, we have completed all types of construction including concrete block, agricultural, heavy industrial, and multi-story projects.